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December Worship Leaders

Date December 4 December 11 December 18 December 25 Christmas Day
8:00 a.m
Usher ONE SERVICE Lisa Martin Denise Hempstead
Greeter Susan Keith Sue Lloyd
1st Lesson Sue Lloyd Jill Pickard
2nd Lesson Sue Lloyd Jill Pickard
Eucharistic Minister Anita Quinley Don Corry
Crucifer Colin Martin Mark Demas
10:30 a.m.
Lead Usher Blue Pittman Doug Tribou Blue Pittman
Usher Roger Hughes Ken Brady Linc McDaniel
Greeter Beverly McKinney Mike DeLorenzo Linda Tribou
Presenters of
Bread & Wine
Missy Hughes Jennifer Robertson Lucinda Humphries
Yokefellow Youth Youth Youth
1st Lesson Nancy Bole Linda Jeanne Harrill Jennifer Robertson
2nd Lesson Matty Bryson Doug Tribou Roscoe Conn
of the People
Susan Keith Lori Clark Rob McDaniel
Eucharistic Minister Susan Keith Lori Clark Rob McDaniel Linc McDaniel
1st Server Brett Williams Kendall McGowan Macy McDaniel
2nd Server Tony Pillsbury Patrick McGowan Mayden McDaniel
Nursery Kimberly Lloyd
Denise Hempstead
Stephanie Williams
Missy Hughes
Kimberly Lloyd
Elizabeth Abrams
Torches Owen McDaniel
Eucharistic Visitor Denise Hempstead Susan Keith
Coffee Hour
8:00 a.m.
Coffee Hour
10:30 a.m.
Greening Of The Church
Potluck / Punch Annual Meeting

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