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The Life Journey of Dorothy & Ed Goodrich

Ed & Dorothy GoodrichFor fifty-nine years Edward and Dorothy Goodrich lived on the outskirts of Washington, D.C., a city with national and international events being an everyday happening.  In 1999, they moved to a hillside in Rutherford County, North Carolina where one would hear the muffled sound of an occasional passing car during the day and the sighing of the wind in the trees and the wonderful song of the whippoorwill in the evening.  What a change and what a life!  They love it.  “Everyday is a joy,” says Ed and his lovely wife Dottie nodded in agreement.  “It’s a refuge,” she says.  They visited Ed’s brother, Howard, who had already moved here.  They saw the area and decided instantly that this was the perfect place to retire.  So, they did.

The retirement took longer than they had planned.  Ed has a degree in physics and was an engineer with Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company and retired after forty-eight years with service in the D. C. area.  Not being one to stop with retirement, he became a consultant in communications and worked with the Department of Defense, traveling to different parts of the world.  During this period the two came to Rutherford County to escape the noise of the city, to relax and for vacations.

It was work that Ed enjoyed.  The challenges put him in touch with some of the prominent people in the government.  He won’t tell you who, but if you push just a little he will tell you that he did appear in the news from the Cabinet room with President Eisenhower, his Chief of Staff and the Secretary of the Interior.  Dotty recalls that he came home once and suggested that they watch the news.  She told him that she never watched the news and that she was busy.  When the news came on she understood why when the interview began. 

For these two the way they feel about each other is the key to their happy and long marriage.  They both agree that it was a mutual attraction.  Dottie explained, “I was working for the same phone company where Edward worked.  I saw him and the other girls had told me how good-looking he was.  I agreed.  “I wanted to meet him so on my break I’d go through the hall and I’d whistle”.  Ed says, “I noticed her from the first.  I was dating others.  But you were easily a pushover.  We went to a dance on our first date and afterwards I told my mother, ‘I’m going to marry her.’”  On our honeymoon, Dottie put in, “We rode in a Model A roadster to Scotland, Maryland.”

They lived in Silver Spring, Maryland and had three children: Eddie, Nancy and Ronnie.  They have several grandchildren.  Their current home has several bedrooms kept for their children when they come to visit.  The home they left behind is kept up by the children so when they return home, there is somewhere familiar to stay.  Downstairs here has a large room with big windows and is used for storage, work space and Ed’s pipe organ.  When he plays it, it produces sounds only an instrument produces when played by one so gifted.

Settling into a quiet life was easy, they discovered.   Both enjoy reading and have a large library.  Dottie likes to crochet and many of her afghans and hand made coverlets are on the beds in the house.  She is also a crossword puzzle addict.

Ed and Dottie found St. Francis after searching for a church where they really felt at home.  We are so glad that they come here.  Their days are filled with quietness and serenity in their house with time to enjoy the changing seasons, blooming wildflowers, and watching the occasional wildlife that travels through their yard.  This is their own special paradise.

We at St. Francis are blessed by their presence.

Interviewer and writer  Becky Reger

{Editor's Note:  Dorothy & Ed moved to Maryland to be closer to their family in 2008.  "
                       Dorothy went on to meet our Savior on November 17, 2008}

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